Tante Emma

Tante Emma or in English “Aunt Emma” is a funny name for a restaurant at the Schlesischen Tor.

The furnishing is arranged according to the name predominantly from old (upholstered) furniture, which however has a partial effect as if they were dragged from the rubbish dump here.

No chair fits each other the walls as the furniture is charmingly ripped off and very vintage and the wallpapers really seem to be still from Aunt Emma (even if they partly for this part are not abraded enough). The milk coffee served in the glass was good and the music ok.

We were there for breakfast. The menu offered a few breakfast a la carte, such as a French or a cheese breakfast. There are also snacks like Tantewiches (sandwiches à la Tante Emma) or cakes. Unfortunately no hot breakfast, apart from the boiled egg.

It tasted it anyway, even if the selection has not torn from the stool. The staff was friendly with a  nice smile included – of course,  the prices were also right. The atmosphere I found relaxed and cozy.

The toilets also had their own charm and smelled of heavy patchouli fragrances … whoever will love.

By Tante Emma, for the breakfast, I was offered too little. But if you are satisfied with a simple “classic”, you can come here quite well. However, I hardly recommend this place for breakfast and brunches.


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