French(Russian) Spring Punch

2017-01-20_15-55-231The Russian(French)Spring Punch is a long refreshing drink created in London in the 1990s by Dick Bradsell.

With the same basis as the classic Kir Royale of raspberry and bubbles, the Russian Spring Punch is equally at home in summer beer gardens and upscale nightclubs. I called it French because according to my taste I think that the combination between the best French Vodka, Creme de Casis combine with good quality Champagne will unlock your senses and will give you that refreshing summer feels even in the winter!

Glas – Highball/Longdrink

Preparation – Shake and Fine Strain

Eis – Crushed

Ingredients – Grey Goose 2.5 cl

Fresh Lemon Juice 2.5cl

Creme de Casis 1.5 cl

Sugar Syrop 1cl

Champagne Top

Deko – Lemon Spiral/twist


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